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Rocky Balboa Long Hair Chihuahua For Adoption Berthoud CO 2

Rocky – Senior Chihuahua found a fanastic home in Colorado. Rehoming Time: 7 days.

When you place your pet for rehoming with Pet Rehoming Network, rest assured that we will do everything we possibly can to find the very best home for your pet within a reasonable amount of time.

We are often asked to go through the process of rehoming a pet with owners who are considering using our services to find a home for their pet or pets. The following outlines the step by step process we follow.

Please Note:

We are a pet rehoming service, so unlike a rescue or shelter, your pets stay with you until a good home is selected – and you get to make the decision about with whom your pets are placed.

We do not have a facility which houses pets for rehoming, and we are not able to provide instant placement of your dog or cat. If you have an urgent need to rehome your pet, then a shelter or rescue is the best option for you. We are often able to find homes within a few days or weeks, but this is not something we can guarantee.

Step 1 – Advertising
Step 2 – Adopter Screening
Step 3 – Contacting a Potential Adopter
Step 4 – Proceeding With An Adoption
Transitioning Your Pet Into The New Home
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